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Bomb Threat Response Plan

Follow the procedures below when receiving a bomb threat:

  • Do not hang up, remain calm and attempt to keep your voice at an even level. Immediately begin to write down everything the caller says using the bomb threat checklist.
  • Attempt to quietly get someone’s attention by passing a note or gesturing to the effect that you are receiving a bomb threat.
  • Attempt to keep the caller on the phone as long as possible by asking questions; specifically, determine the location of the bomb and the time of detonation, if possible.
  • Pay particular attention to any background noises, such as running motors, music or any other clue as to the origin of the call. Listen closely to the voice (male or female); voice quality (calm or excited); accents or possible speech impediments.
  • Write down the exact time and estimate the amount of time you were on the phone with the caller.
  • Immediately notify Security at (615) 801-0064 who will make the decision if the Police Bomb Squad is to be called and if any evacuation is necessary.
  • Remain where you are. While waiting for authorities to respond, complete the Bomb Threat Checklist (opens in a new window). Do not repeat the details of the call to anyone other than authorities of Centennial Medical Center, the Police or Fire Department personnel;
  • Do not make any public address announcement concerning the bomb threat.

Reacting to a Bomb Threat:

Whoever receives the call that a bomb has been placed in a building or suite should:

  • Remain calm and keep the caller on the line as long as possible so an attempt can be made to obtain as much information as possible.
  • Use the Bomb Threat Checklist to record what the caller said; identify as closely as possible the age, sex, and accent of the caller; identify any background noise and assess the validity of the call.
  • Ask the caller where the bomb is located, when it is set to go off, and what the bomb is contained in.
  • Call 911 and provide name, building address, floor, and suite number. Repeat information from the caller.
  • Call the Property Management Office. The decision to evacuate will be made by either the Police or Fire Officials.
  • Follow floor warden’s directives in the event an evacuation is announced.
  • Do not touch or handle any unusual items you might find. Report them to the authorities.
  • Be aware of suspicious persons entering your suite, or of strange behavior exhibited by any staff person. Any abnormal activity should be reported to the Bomb Squad.

Bomb Explodes:

In the event of an explosion, there is a potential for fire and injuries. Therefore:

  • Follow fire emergency instructions.
  • Evacuate the premises in an orderly manner after announcement.
  • Follow established procedures for evacuating physically impaired persons, and help injured people evacuate.

Click here for the Bomb Threat Checklist (opens in a new window)