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Key Card Access

Each tenant shall be issued the necessary number of keys upon occupancy of the premises. You may obtain additional keys/cards from building management by calling 1-888-774-2446.

If you install an internal security system, a copy of the key, and/or appropriate security codes to grant access must be provided to the Property Manager. This allows personnel entry into your suite in the event of an emergency.

You will be issued a key for the front and back door of your suite upon occupancy. If your practice should desire any additional locks, the cost will be billed to your Healthpeak account. Any re-keying or lock modifications must be coordinated with Property Management. Please notify your Property Manager at (615) 571-2479 or call 1-888-774-2446 to have this done. Please do not purchase doorknobs and/or locks at any home improvement store and plan to have them installed in your suite. All work must be coordinated through Property Management and must meet, building codes and policies established by Healthpeak.

It is our policy that we will only issue keys at the request of the Practice Administrator or Office Manager. Any request for keys will be verified with the Practice Administrator. No exceptions will be made.

All locks must be keyed to the building standard.