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Maintenance & Janitorial

Maintenance Requests:

The following identifies the procedures that should be followed in order to process service and maintenance requests from tenants.

Please submit service and maintenance requests via the Electronic Tenant® Solutions (ETS) Service Request System, which can be accessed by signing into the Tenant Center (opens in a new window). Please reach out to the management office if you need assistance logging in.

Once you have a Tenant Center (opens in a new window) account, you can login by clicking the "Service Request" button in the top-right corner of this page.

Submitting requests via ETS is the best way for us to track all maintenance work at the property, helping us to provide a the highest level of service. Requests submitted via ETS will be immediately and automatically dispatched to the appropriate management and maintenance personnel.

Healthpeak utilizes a national customer service center located in Greenville, SC. The customer service center operates as “Healthcare Property Services”. The number is (888) 774-2446. (Note: All Priority One Requests should be called in and not registered on the website)

Maintenance calls go under five different types of priorities. The priorities are as follows: (Please note: All maintenance requests must fall within the confines of the lease and cannot be construed in any way as a violation of Anti-Kickback rules).

  • A priority 1 call indicates that a person’s life or property is in danger. These calls should be handled immediately and within a maximum time frame of two hours.
  • A priority 2 call is a call that needs to be handled immediately, but no life hazard issues exist. These calls should be completed within five hours.
  • A priority 3 call is a call that must be completed on the next business day, within 24 hours.
  • A priority 4 call should be completed within three business days, a 72-hour response.
  • A priority 5 call should be handled on the next visit the vendor/service provider makes to the site.

Any call that is not performed within these guidelines will be escalated within the work management system. This means that the Property Manager responsible for the building will become involved, as well as the senior contact for the service provider company.

Toll Free telephone number: (888) 774-2446
Primary Contact: Telephone Operator who answers phone
Call Center Supervisor:

Alysia Blakey: (864) 272-2506

Fax: (888) 887-4342

If you have any questions or issues with regard to any item contained herein, please call the Property Manager for your building referenced in the "Property Management" section.


Janitorial Services: Please talk with your Property Manager about qualified cleaning contractors in the building if you are responsible for cleaning your suite.