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General Rules and Regulations

Tenant shall not conduct its practice or business, or advertise such business, profession or activities of Tenant conducted in the premises in any manner, which violates local, state, or federal laws or regulations.

Tenant shall not obstruct or use for storage, or for any purpose other than ingress and egress, the sidewalks, entrance, passages, courts, corridors, vestibules, halls, elevators and stairways of the building.

Tenant shall not make or permit any noise, odor or act that is objectionable to other occupants of the building to emanate from the premises, and shall not create or maintain a nuisance thereon.

Tenant shall not install or operate any phonograph, musical instrument, radio receiver or similar device in the building in such manner as to disturb or annoy other tenants of the building or the neighborhood. Tenant shall not install any antennae, aerial wires or other equipment outside the building without the prior written approval of Landlord.

With the exception of Tenant’s pharmaceuticals locker or storage facility, no additional locks or bolts of any kind shall be placed upon any of the doors or windows by the Tenant, nor shall any changes be made in existing locks or the mechanism thereof. Tenant must upon the termination of its tenancy restore to Landlord all keys to the Premises and toilet rooms either furnished to or otherwise procured by Tenant, and in the event of loss of any keys so furnished, Tenant shall pay to Landlord cost thereof.

The sash doors, sashes window glass doors, lights and skylights that reflect or admit light into the halls or other places of the building shall not be covered or obstructed. The toilets and urinals shall not be used for any purpose other than those for which they were intended and constructed, and no rubbish, newspapers, feminine products or other substance of any kind shall be thrown into them. Waste and excessive or unusual use of water shall not be allowed. Tenant shall not mark, drive nails, screw or drill into, paint, nor in any way deface the walls, ceilings, partitions, floors, wood, stone or ironwork. The expense of any breakage, stoppage or damage resulting from a violation of this rule by Tenant shall be borne by Tenant. Tenant shall be permitted to hang pictures on office walls, but it must be done in a workman-like manner and in such a way as not to damage or deface such walls.

Electrical wiring of every kind shall be introduced and connected only as directed by Landlord, and no boring nor cutting of wires will be allowed except with the consent of Landlord. The location of the telephone, call boxes, etc., shall be subject to the approval of Landlord.

Landlord shall approve the weight, size and position of all fixtures, equipment and other property brought into the building, and the times of moving which must be done under the supervision of Landlord. Landlord will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to any such equipment or property from any cause, and all damage done in the Building by moving or maintaining any such property shall be repaired at the expense of Tenant. All equipment shall be installed as required by law, and in accordance with and subject to written approval received on written application of Tenant.

The requirements of Tenant will be attended to only upon application at the office of Landlord or its Property Manager. Employees of Landlord or its Property Manager shall not perform any work nor do anything outside their regular duties unless under special instructions from Landlord or its Property Manager. No such employees shall admit any person, Tenant or otherwise, to any other office without instruction from the office of Landlord or its Property Manager. All janitorial services personnel, guards or any outside contractors employed by Tenant shall be subject to the regulations and control of Landlord, but shall not act as an agent or servant of Landlord. Tenant employees are required to wear a Picture I.D., which can be obtained through the Hospital Human Resources Department.

Your office will need to contract directly with a licensed hazardous and medical waste removal contractor for your medical waste removal (red bags). This contractor should supply the storage containers for your medical waste and schedule the removal from your office on a regular basis.

Any person entering or leaving the building may be questioned by building Security regarding his/her business in the building and may be required to sign in and out. Anyone who fails to provide a satisfactory reason for being in the building may be excluded.

Tenant shall not allow anything to be placed on the outside window ledges of the premises or to be thrown out of the windows of the building. No bicycle or other vehicle, and no animal shall be brought into the offices, halls, corridors, elevators or any other parts of the building by Tenant or the agents, employees or invitees of Tenant, and Tenant shall not place or permit to be placed any obstruction or refuse in any public part of the building.

Tenant shall give Landlord prompt notice of any accidents to or defects in the water pipes, gas pipes, electric lights and fixtures, heating apparatus, or any other service equipment.

Unless otherwise specified by Landlord, Tenant and its employees may park automobiles only in spaces designated by Landlord for such purpose and shall in no event park in spaces reserved for public parking. Tenant agrees that Landlord assumes no responsibility of any kind whatsoever in reference to such automobile parking area or the use thereof by Tenant or its agents or employees.

Tenant will see that all windows and doors are securely locked, and that all faucets and electric light switches are turned off before leaving the building.

Tenant shall not place any sign upon the Premises or the Building without Landlord’s prior written consent.